About Chris

About Chris

In many ways, this website will be “all about me” in the sense that I wish to share my thoughts, insights and experiences with you. I’ll also share some autobiographical stuff but mainly as a context for my point of view. My life has colored the way I look at things, and my perspective has informed how I look at life. This interplay continues as I adjust my beliefs and thoughts to fit who and what I am at this point along the journey.

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I was born in the Space Age and watched both Neil Armstrong’s historic moon landing as well as the original Star Trek series on a black & white TV. The television was not at all a centerpiece of our living room at the time; it was on a cart with wheels and if you wanted to watch it, it had to be pulled out from the closet, plugged in and warmed up first. I also watched the news about the Viet Nam War with my brother and parents at dinner every night. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but living with these extreme opposites of the best and the worst of humanity must have had an impact on my early development, and it continues to this day.

With my grandma, 1968, probably doing something I was told not to do.

My earliest memory was an airshow my family attended before my 3rd birthday. The sounds and sights of the aircraft flying captured my attention, and aviation – in some way – has been part of my life ever since. When I was 4, my father became a flight instructor and the airplane became my babysitter as I sat in the back seat while he taught his students. For me, looking out the window as the plane took off and seeing the tiny cars and houses below was perfectly normal, and I enjoyed every minute.